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Above the Fray: Tons of Merch, Comically Bad Fitting Rooms at DVF

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When last we heard from our faithful correspondent, she was waiting in an orderly line on Fifth Avenue and 28th Street. Now she's in the sale, and it sounds like madness in there. The liveblogging continues, below.

9:14am: I'm in! There's a ton of merchandise—boxes and boxes full of samples for $40. I'm standing in the sample section and it's already kind of insane back here. But there's also so much merchandise that if you don't care about the samples, you could come any time and still get stuff. Some prices: Cocktail dresses are $150, dresses and jackets $100, blouses, skirts and pants are $60, tees $40, tanks $20, coats are $280, and sweaters are $70. Not everyone seems to realize there are samples in the back, but when people get here, they should head straight to the sample section first.

9:30am: The fitting rooms here are officially insane. They're just black material stapled together, and each one has a rack, with four women for each rack. You're packed in there, it doesn't smell too good, and they're yelling at you the whole time: "Ladies, get a move on! Don't make me impose a 10-minute time limit!" And you can't try stuff on anywhere else—they've covered all the mirrors outside with garbage bags so that you have to go into the fitting room.

9:35am: Important note: It's organized by size, and there are a ton of 8s, but not a lot of the smaller sizes.

9:43am: They also have swim: Bathing suits for $30, cover-ups for $40. Also lipsticks for $5 and cosmetic bags for $10, so if you really needed to buy something but didn't have any money, you could always get one of those.

9:50am: Just left. Only five women waiting in line now.