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Above the Fray: Charlotte Ronson Will Suck You In

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The Charlotte Ronson sale that begins tomorrow in midtown is a very dangerous place. We know because we went to today's press preview in the spirit of journalistic inquiry and then almost accidentally bought about eight pairs of boots. The shoe deals were, for us, the highlight of the sale: $20 flats and wedges, $40 low boots, $60 mid-calf boots, and $80 high boots. The selection isn't huge, but if you don't see your size, there's a good chance they'll have it in back.

And then there were the clothes, color-coded by discount. Prices ranged from $3 to $90, but they were mostly distributed across the middle of that spectrum: Of the maybe five racks, one was all $50 dresses and tops, one contained nothing but $90 coats, and the rest were dominated by shirts and sweaters for $30. If you go, go early—there's not a lot of merchandise. And exercise caution: The place is so small, and the prices so low, that it would be really easy to wind up with an acute case of buyer's remorse.
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