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Reality TV Show Mom Causing Trouble at Midtown Pop-Up Shop

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On Friday, we ran a post about Procter & Gamble's new pop-up shop in Midtown—a store they opened to push special Procter & Gamble coupon booklets. What we didn't mention was that Procter & Gamble had picked Kate Gosselin, of TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8 (a show about her and her husband's passel of children, which includes sextuplets and twins), to promote the store. Lady's got so many kids that she's bound to know something about using coupons and budgeting! BrandWeek mentioned it, though, and got hundreds of responses from readers who hate, hate, Gosselin. Some just think she's a harpy, others believe she's exploiting her brood for money and reality TV fame.

One recent post reads: "Kate Gosselin, the child-exploiter, is a spokesperson for money-saving tips and living on a tight budget?? Well, I'd guess her number one tip would be to start a reality show, which puts your children to work for endless hours because there are no labor laws to protect them in such situations, plastering their faces all over the TV, for any person across the world to have access to . . . and then you and your husband can live off the profits!"
Procter & Gamble stated that if there's been negative feedback, they haven't heard it, and that "[Gosselin] has been terrifically successful in building positive buzz about P&G and brandSaver." Well either way, she certainly is getting a lot of attention.
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