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Discontinued: The Last Hours of Hollywould

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Holly Dunlap's almost decade-old line Hollywould walked on stage and gave its final bow last night with a store-wide liquidation sale and subsequent closure. The boutique, at 198 Elizabeth Street, was filled with boxes and boxes of flats, pumps and boots, a few racks of clothing and a shelf of handbags all $49 apiece. When we stopped in at 5:30pm, a few frantic customers were grabbing at whatever they could get, and boxes and tissue littered the front of the space. A staffer confirmed with us that at 7pm on Sunday night, the shop would pull down its metal gate for good. For now, the website remains up, but we assume that will be closed down soon as well. You may recall that Dunlap was hoping that someone would buy Hollywould. Looks like no one stepped up.
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