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Above the Fray: Chelsea Market's Jingle Festival Only Mildly Groovy

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Jingle, the holiday sale in the Chelsea Market, promises to be "reminiscent of the sort of groovy street fairs you stumble upon in places like Amsterdam," but a tipster who stopped by this weekend didn't get much of a contact high:

The sale is...OK. Best stuff by far is at the first center "booth" taken over by Cursive, the stationary, etc store that also has a store-in-store in ABC Carpet & Home (the guys from the wholesale line Motel Deluxe are behind it). There are also some beauty products, some kitchen products and a lot of jewelry."
Her verdict: "Not worth a special trip but worth doing a lap if you're in the market, bouncing off the walls from eating too much sugar."
· Jingle [Chelsea Market]