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Brooklyn Heights Vs Key Foods: The Saga Continues

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The New York Times picks up on the story of Mamadou Doucoure, the popular assistant manager of a Key Foods in Brooklyn Heights who is suing his employers for unceremoniously moving him to the night shift. The store's owners, who wouldn't comment for the Times, allege that he sexually harassed a fellow manager's wife. Doucoure, however, thinks he was moved in retaliation for an earlier lawsuit, for withheld overtime pay.

What's amazing about this story is the way store customers have rallied around Doucure. Says the Times: "Since the Brooklyn Heights Blog reported on Mr. Doucoure’s predicament early last month, neighbors have threatened to boycott the store; they have also refrained from picketing only at Mr. Doucoure’s request, said Bonnie Burke, a longtime customer." When the guy who's suing you has to ask your shoppers not to picket your store, you know you've got a PR problem.
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