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Above the Fray: Botkier Sale Is Deceptively Calm Outside, Chaos Within

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Don't be fooled by the calm outside the Botkier sale on Mercer Street in Soho, a Racked operative tells us—there's no line for the door, but things get crazy once you're inside. The prices for fall bags are decent, if not thrilling: $75 for wallets, $175 for clutches, between $100 and $125 for nylon totes and $150 to $275 for leather bags. Same goes for the shoes: Flats are $150, pumps $200, booties $250, and full boots for $275. But every so often some unfortunate sale employee will come up from the basement with lower-priced goods—used samples, we're guessing—and that's what's whipping the crowd into a frenzy. "I grabbed a bag," says our spy, "and a girl ripped it out of my hands!" Those samples are going for $50 to $200, and they're bringing out more tonight. If you want them, you should probably be prepared to fight for them.
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