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Epic Rant: Lounge Soho Won't Take My Gift Card!

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There's nothing like a good reader rant to get our blood pumping in the morning. Here, we have a shopper who asserts that a staffer at that rotting corpse of a store Lounge rejected her entirely valid gift card for a recent purchase. The diatribe:

I had the most unbelievable shopping experience of my life these evening at Lounge in Soho. I went there to use the balance on a $200 gift card I received a few days before Christmas and get this: they wouldn't let me use it! The first time I used the card on Christmas Eve, my mother and I had difficulty even finding stuff worth spending on. We managed to sift through the endless racks of picked over merchandise to spend about $112. I should add that while we wandered around trying to find something to wear that you could actually be taken seriously in, we were carefully watched by every employee as if we might try to make a run for it any moment with their out of season goods.
Alone on today's visit, less than a week later, I managed to find a cute sweatshirt and a skirt. I tried not to pay any mind as the sales people studied my every move (at one point, as I perused through the unknown and dated $5 CDs on a shelf, the manager sat himself two feet away from me and openly gawked). But wait, it gets better! As I was about to pay for the only two half decent items I could find, I was grilled about the gift card—When was it purchased? How much balance did I think I have left? The card was declined even though it definitely has $88 left. According to the kind lady at the register and the manager breathing down her back, it had expired. Here's the kicker: there was no expiration date on the gift card. And how is it that a card I had used less than a week ago could be expired now? As I stood there looking confused and feeling embarrassed, the suspicious manager whispered in his employee's ear and made angry movements in his arms. I left angry and humiliated, with my gift card still in the hands of the Lounge staff. As I stood outside, a direct call was made to the manager from the person who purchased the gift card. This failed to garner an apology from the manager nor did I get my gift card with a valid balance back!

It is exceedingly obvious that the manager was suspicious of me for whatever reason (hmm, maybe race? age?) and tried to invent reasons for me not to be able to make a purchase. I have shopped in boutiques all over the world and I have never, ever been so disrespected in my life. Is it too much to ask to be treated like a human being when patronizing a business? In these desperate economic times, you'd think they'd be glad for any business. Given the snobby attitudes of the staff here, it is surprising that they've even lasted this long. I strongly urge shoppers to boycott this establishment and spend their dollars in other stores where employees value their customers and there is better merchandise to be found.

Can anyone shed light on what is happening at Lounge right now? To the comments, please.
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