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Counterfeat: Zanotti Takes On Rodarte

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Dynamic, strappy platform pumps are definitely a trend, and thanks to the ladies of Rodarte, the stakes keep getting higher. Above on the right, we have two images of Rodarte's Spring 2009 collaboration with shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood. The bondage-influenced heels utilize electrical wire for straps and sport the trademark Kirkwood cut-back platform.

Walking past Giuseppe Zanotti's Madison Avenue flagship, the flash of a familiar style caught our eye, now pictured above to the left. With these stunners, Zanotti has dismissed Rodarte's creativity with wire in favor of traditional leather, but the similarities were too many for us to pass up. Is this blatant copying for the masses or is it harmless interpretation? In any case, we'll bet they've been flying off the shelves with New Year's parties so close at hand.

Nicholas Kirkwood

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