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Thakoon for Target: The Reaction

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[Early hits, from left: the Shibori print skirt, the hooded windbreaker and the Shibori woven dress]

While shoppers who ordered the Thakoon for Target collection online are still waiting for their Shibori print skirts and cardis to arrive in the mail (us included), customers that hit Target stores on Sunday and Monday have already tried and weighed in most items from the line. The reviews are mixed, but generally positive.

One recurring complaint is with sizing; the line is all over the map. Blogger Eep! Ramblings: "The sizing is CRAZYTOWN. It is, in my opinion, the worst fitting Go! collection ever. Not only was the sizing completely random, but it tended to go to the extreme scale of random. Like, if an item (or a few) ran big, it ran REALLY big. If it ran small, it ran UBER small."

Cheryl Shops seems generally pleased with the line: "I really, really love the [shibori shirtdress], and at least for the cotton pieces, the quality and fit seems to be of much higher quality than recent collections (I'm looking at you, Jonathan Saunders). Since many of these pieces are selling out already, I highly suggest ordering now, or hitting your local Target ASAP."

Fashion Trend Guide has mixed feelings about the collection: "I didn't find many of the designs to be flattering on my frame, as the pleats and full, loose shapes of the garments added bulk. I found the collection's skirts and dresses to have a more mature appeal than past GO collections. In particular, I feel that the A-line skirts, full dresses, and the canvas trench coat have a sophisticated feel which may help to attract an older customer than past GO collections."

A full-on rave from Budget Babe: "The 3/4 sleeve shirtdresses...looked fab on both of us, as did a brilliant frog green windbreaker, contrast trim cardigan and those lovely full skirts. My sister and I both agreed that the trench coat was beautiful but would have looked better if it was more fitted and tailored like a classic trench. Still, it was cool and had a nice lining. I'd consider getting it on sale. Overall, Thakoon for Target exceeded my expectations and put a big smile on my face."

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