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Counterfeat: Bebe Borrows From Louis Vuitton

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Stroll down Fifth Avenue and you may notice some Louis Vuitton significantly south of the flagship; the star of Bebe's latest shoe collection, prominently displayed in their store windows at Fifth and West 15th Street, are striking knock-offs of LV's own stunners from Fall 2008. In fact, we remember seeing those somewhere else recently ... on Marc Jacobs' feet for his Interview spread in May. Bebe isn't even trying to be subtle; the style name of the $179 pair is "France."

While Bebe has most definitely never been known as a fount of creativity, this blatant rip-off treads on thin ice. Louis Vuitton may have declared war on counterfeits, but it seems they've been a little busy suing independent artists and musicians when even bigger fish like Bebe are just down the street.
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