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Above the Fray: Hanky Panky's Crowded, Organized

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[The lingerie bulletin board via Salecentric]

New blog SaleCentric (tagline: "Because your lunch break matters") attempted to visit the Hanky Panky sale in the Flatiron District yesterday morning but got deterred by the long wait. The girl is committed, though; she went back at 4:30 and stuck it out despite rumors that after 5pm, the line goes around the block. Inside, she found thongs and boyshorts for $10, camisoles and bralettes for $15, and short nightgowns for $20. The sale sounds extremely well-organized: You scope out a big bulletin of underthings, order what you like, and pick them up at the cashier. If you can find a way to avoid the pre- and post-office-hours crowds (work that lunch break!), then it definitely seems worth a trip.
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