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Now Open: J.Crew's Not Afraid of Jersey

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[J.Crew Men's in Paramus; click to expand]

The men's shop J.Crew opened in a former bar down in Tribeca can't really be replicated—there's too much going on, and the space is very unique. So Mickey Drexler has decided that each additional men's-only shop he opens will have its own vibe. Example: the 2,449-square-foot store that bowed about two weeks ago at the Garden State Plaza in New Jersey, which looks nothing like the Liquor Store bar location. Instead of being dimly lit and filled with dusty bottles of Campari, it's bright and open, with cement floors, industrial fixtures, a denim bar and a chino wall.

[Another shot of the store; click to expand]

· Tribeca's J.Crew Men's Store to Get Preppy Bro in Paramus, NJ [Racked]