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Now Open: Earnest Sewn's Recession-Proof Backroom

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Bad news for all of you on budgets: the backroom at Earnest Sewn may be open and touted as affordable, where "all products will be under $50," but we found only items costing exactly $50 or going way over. If you are in the market for a new Shades of Greige button-down or sweater, then you are in luck as those are all the promised $50. So is a cap from recent Urban Outfitters collaborator Obesity and Speed, which will also set you back a solid fifty.

Although the installation itself, designed by Ian Hundley, is attractive and welcoming with its leather couch and ramshackle writing desk, the decor is littered with reminders of how broke you are and how expensive everything else is. Take, for instance, the small, flannel pillows on the wingback chair: $125 each. The ladder and corner bookshelves are nice touches, but the Woolrich caps and sock puppets lounging on them ring up around $80. If you're hoping to pick up a gift, then may we suggest the only economically-priced item in the joint: the $8 denim scrap bracelet.

If you really love Shades of Greige or want to rid yourself of a few Ulysses S. Grants, then the Recession-Proof backroom will be open at Earnest Sewn during normal store hours until January 2nd.
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