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Breaking: Té Casan Has Closed

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Shoe store Té Casan was always one of our favorite places to shop for footwear. The company worked with lesser-known designers to put together limited-edition shoe collections, and was always filled with an assortment of pretty, sophisticated styles. Unfortunately, they've gone belly up. The Cut has more:

When Té Casan put all of their stock on sale in November, we thought we were in for some good deals. But the red flares went up when the prices kept plummeting — the company might take a turn for the worse. And it did. The store closed for good on November 30, the Sunday after Black Friday, an associate told us over the phone today. "The company folded," he said. "There's no more sale or store."
The deceased has left behind a beautiful, 5,500-square-foot, bi-level space on West Broadway, and a budding vegan shoe designer.
Té Casan Closed, Company Folds [The Cut]