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RackedWire: Marston & Langinger Closes in Soho; Shoe Party in the 'Burg

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[Image via Property Shark]

SOHO—Writes a tipster, "High end UK garden and home shop Marston & Langinger's shop at 117 Mercer is closed—the windows are papered up and the signage (except for one hanging sign) is gone. There's a sign up in the window for the Botkier sample sale." [Racked Inbox]

WILLIAMSBURG—Till 9pm tonight, the Shoe Market is holding a buy-one-get-one-half-off (BOGOHO?) sale at its store at 160 N. 6th Street in celebration of its new collaboration with Jeffrey Campbell. How do the shoes look, master newsletter author and perennial Racked obsession Rob Bryn? "We're very pleased with how they came out, thank you Jeffrey, and they've been selling very well. Even our old, ex-employee Martin said he like them, picked up a pair and said, very earnestly, it was touching, said, 'I like girls wearing cute shoes.'" Which is weird, because most guys hate girls wearing cute shoes. Anyway, there's also free food and an afterparty at Union Pool featuring Bryn's band the Wild Yaks. [Racked Inbox]