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Recession Special: Word of the Month is "Haggling"

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[The first photo that a Google Image search turned up for "haggling"]

As stores become more and more desperate for sales, they're also—if you believe the current media buzz—dealing with an increasing number of hagglers. From the AP: "'You'd have to be a moron not to ask for a discount,' said Stephen Hoch, a retailing expert at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania." From Bloomberg: "'It’s almost like Monty Hall, ‘Let’s Make a Deal,’ said Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at market research firm NPD Group Inc. Consumers can “say ‘Listen, I just saw something just like this down the street or down the mall, and they were selling it at this price. What can you do?’” Next: writers will use hagglista to replace the increasingly-irritating reccessionista as a descriptor du jour.
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