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Massive Holiday Fail: Fresh Direct Leaves Hoboken Shoppers High and Dry

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Oh, this is bad. Last night, according to a very disgruntled tipster, Fresh Direct failed to delivery holiday groceries to homes in Hoboken and Jersey City. Then, to make up for stiffing customers on one of the biggest cooking nights of the year, they offered a hilariously inadequate consolation prize: All the missing groceries, 25% off, delivered just three days after Christmas.

Admittedly, there are other ways to get supplies if Fresh Direct goes missing. (Why, back in the pre-Internet days, people were forced to leave their homes in order to buy groceries all the time!) And we appreciate the fact that Fresh Direct employees, like everyone else, want to spent the holidays at home with their families. But that apology offer is kind of like Santa bringing the presents over on December 28th—there's really a very specific window here, people.

Our family visiting from abroad, along with hundreds of other households in the Hoboken/Jersey City area, were let down by the home food delivery service Fresh Direct last night when the company failed to deliver orders the night before Christmas Eve. On perhaps the most important day of the year for getting their delivery right and on time, customers were forced by Fresh Direct to leave their homes in search of the critical ingredients lost in the shuffle. Fresh Direct has responded with apologies for those who call in inquiring about their deliveries, a pointless offer to deliver on the next available time slot, apparently three days after Christmas Day, and a 25% discount on the missing order, all irrelevant when your friends or family are hanging around your house waiting for you to get back from the shopping.

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