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Stylista Watch: Winner Johanna Claims Her Victory

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[Image via the CW]

For months now, we've been enjoying the blog fallout from Elle's reality show Stylista. We were delighted when Kate, otherwise known as Boobs, wrote a post for the Elle blog titled "I Make Amazing TV." (To be fair, she does make good TV, though "amazing" might be overstating it.) And we were even more amused when mean girl Megan wrote on her own blog, "You were bored watching [Stylista]?imagine how boring it was being on it." So the stakes were high for the winner Johanna's triumphant blog post, which appeared on the Elle site today.

Unfortunately, Johanna's professionalism, which led her to win the contest, also makes her a fairly boring reality-TV-contestant–turned–blogger. She pokes gentle fun at critics, making jokes about her own "toupee helmet" hairdo, her "insufferable" whining on the show, and her "Tracy Flick-like meticulousness." But since her prize is a job at Elle, she obviously can't say anything remotely entertaining about the people who will soon be her colleagues. In retrospect, we kind of miss Boobs.
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