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Behind the Scenes, All Was Not Pink and Sparkly at Kira Plastinina

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The more details emerge about the Kira Plastinina flame-out, the worse it sounds. The Shophound, who's really leading the charge here, quotes a former employee named Grace Campbell who says, "I am very bitter about how our US team was treated throughout this whole ordeal. We all worked hard and believed in the company but knew that it would all end in tears...." But a much more detailed and, if true, damning report comes from an anonymous tipster who alleges discrimination, unpaid rent, and worse.

Highlights from the anonymous tipster's long email:

We were given less than a weeks notice about our jobs being let go..some people weren't given anything and just fired on the spot with NO reasons or explanations. We are at the point where we are getting kicked out of our locations, no rent has ever been paid, no electric bills have been paid and all our vendors will go bankrupt if the company doesn't find a way to pay them which I'm sure they won't.
The Shophound has more, including the, uh, drug rumors.
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