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Collabs: Thakoon for Target Rips off Thakoon

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Thakoon Spring 2008, left; Thakoon for Target, right

Booth Moore of the L.A. Times was pleased with her $800 shibori-print Thakoon skirt—until she saw the samples from Thakoon's collaboration with Target. "I'm not so sure how I am going to feel when I see watered-down versions of my skirts walking down the street in a few months," she writes of the designs, which are "shockingly similar" to his spring 2008 collection." Other designers have knocked themselves off for Target—Proenza Schouler, for example—but Moore thinks no one has done it as blatantly as Thakoon. She's less mad, though, than she is rueful:

Still, it's a good lesson. Because I've realized that the skirts I bought were too expensive in the first place. A cotton skirt shouldn't cost $800, it just shouldn't. I was on a spending binge like the rest of the world, and that mind-set is partly to blame for the sorry shape we're in now. (Let's hope retailers learn the same lesson and take a hard look at their markups.)
And Target wins another round.
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