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At Housing Works, Steven Alan Saves Christmas

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Femia, 10/19/08

God bless Steven Alan. Less than two months after his massive sale in Tribeca, shoppers will be able to find the designer's goods at 70% off at Housing Works in Chelsea. Alan gave the charity over 1000 items for men and women, plus clothes from other designers including Lulu, Willa, Sophie, Sea and Reve Seam. Our roving photographer Will Femia shot some of the goods, above, but keep in mind that that's really just a drop in the Alan bucket.

The sale starts at 11am on December 27, thereby adding some luster to a post-Christmas shopping season that's already pre-depleted by the current major sales. And, as with all things Housing Works, the proceeds go to help homeless people living with AIDS.
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Housing Works Thrift Shop - Chelsea

143 West 17th Street, New York, NY 10011 (718) 838-5050 Visit Website