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Recession Special: Stores Stay Open for 24-Hour Shopping, but Not H&M

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Here's a new wrinkle in the current pre-holiday sale frenzy: Some stores are staying open all night. Per the WSJ: "In the final countdown of one of the worst holiday retail seasons in decades, more retailers have extended hours and are staying open for 24-hour periods or more in a last-ditch effort to capture sales. Macy's Inc., L.L. Bean International, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Hennes & Mauritz AB's H&M chain added extreme hours at select locations this year, they said, as a way to enhance customer service, reduce congestion and compete for last-minute sales."

Don't get too excited, though; we called all the H&Ms in Manhattan, and not one is staying open late. Said the woman we reached at Herald Square: "No, no, no! Can't we get some rest?" If you want to stroll the aisles at 4am, you're going to have to try Toys "R" Us or Macy's.
· Retailers Look to Capture Night Owls [WSJ]


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