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Now Open: Re/Dress, the Plus-Sized Beacon's Closet

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[Image via Re/Dress/Flickr]

Over the past 80-odd years of fashion, bodies have changed, sizes have changed, and popular underpinnings have definitely changed (you'll note we don't list many girdle sales around these parts.) All this means that for plus-sized shoppers, it's tough to find vintage that fits. Deb Malkin took a step towards remedying this problem on Black Friday by opening New York's only plus-sized vintage resale store, Re/Dress, in Boerum Hill.

Re/Dress uses the same exchange system favored by Beacon's Closet and Buffalo Exchange, meaning customers can unload their once-loved goods and pick up new clothes in the same place—so it's environmentally friendly and recession-friendly as well as size-friendly. Its vintage collection includes dresses, 1950s fur-collared coats, and a ton of jeans priced at $15 to $25, all sold alongside contemporary womenswear. And judging from the photos on the store's Flickr, the place looks huge, meaning it really might be Beacon's with larger sizes.