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Uniqlo Warms Up with Cirque de Soleil

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[Image via Uniqlo Meets Corteo]

It seems that Uniqlo has more to celebrate than just its decision to expand into Singapore and Russia; they're also showcasing the comfort and practicality of their basic clothing in a partnership with Cirque de Soleil's newer show, Corteo. Currently wrapping up their North American tour in Miami, Corteo will hop over to Uniqlo's Japan homeland at the beginning of next year to continue Cirque's own 25th Anniversary.

In case you missed their act on this side of the globe, Uniqlo has launched a site where you can watch full-screen videos of the Corteo acrobats rehearsing while kitted-out in fleece jackets, leggings and UT T-shirts. The prevalence of fleece in the acts is almost a challenge to Old Navy, as if Uniqlo is saying "So Old Navy, you think you've got 'performance fleece?' Just watch this!" All in all, it's a great departure from our fascination with the mesmerizing Uniqlock.
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