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Above the Fray: Denim Aplenty, Plus Well-Priced Basics, at Helmut Lang and Rag & Bone

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We stopped by the Garment District this morning to check in on the Helmut Lang and Rag & Bone sale currently taking place on the second floor of a building on 36th Street. The verdict: Very promising, especially for denim, which was marked down to $79 for both designers. Those looking for classic blue jeans should veer in the Rag & Bone direction—there were a ton of variants on dark denim—but we also admired Helmut Lang's coated-twill skinny jeans in red and white. Should you need a nice top to pair with your pants, we saw cute Rag & Bone options for $39 (tees and tanks), $79 (shirts), and $99 (knits and sweaters.)

If you wanted to spend over $100 (ooh, look at you, fancypants), you could go for more Rag & Bone basics: skirts were $109, dresses $149, and blazers—not a ton of them, by the by—for $175. Lang skirts and blazers were actually cheaper ($79 and $159, respectively.) And if you were feeling really wild, you could get into the whole outerwear scene: Coats from both designers were $249, though shearling was more expensive. One an unexpected bonus: A rack of Gryphon coats, including trenches and leather, priced from $179 to $299, greeted shoppers at the entrance to the sale.
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