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Discontinued: Love, It Turns Out, Does Not Actually Save the Day

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This isn't a surprise, exactly, but it's still sad news: East Village stalwart Love Saves the Day, which has been selling all manner of kitsch at Second Avenue and 7th Street for nigh on twenty years, is closing its doors. The store, which had a cameo in Desperately Seeking Susan, opened in 1966 and moved to its current location in 1983. In 2005, their landlords tried to triple the rent, but the store was able to negotiate a new three-year lease.

This August, though, founder Leslie Herson passed away. "The store was like her child," says one of the salesclerks, who also calls her "the best shopper in the world." Without Herson, it didn't make sense to stay open, so when the new lease expires in January, LSD will expire with it, though its New Hope branch will stay open. As the clerk points out, there is still time for some kind of benefactor to come take over, movie-style, and literally save the day, so if any benefactor types are reading, now's your chance.
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