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This Holiday Season, Puppets Are Everywhere

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[Karl via Etsy; Muppets via the NYT; Gone But Not Forgotten puppets via Moss]

First there was Karl Lagerfelt, the finger puppet based on the Chanel designer. Then F.A.O. Schwartz opened its make-your-own-muppet shop. And now Moss has debuted a line of Gone But Not Forgotten puppets based on famous figures who've passed away in 2008. Puppets: They're huge.

At $20 on Etsy, the Karl puppet is the most affordable, assuming you don't pro-rate the Moss puppets, which come in a set of 6 for $90. But even the $130 for your very own muppet at F.A.O. Schwartz is a good deal, according to a Racked informant who once tried to rent an actual muppet (apparently they cost "thousands upon thousands" of dollars and come with their own handlers.) Shoppers seem to agree: "Sales have been twice what had been projected," according to the Times, which called the muppet initiative "one of the brightest points this holiday season."

Cynics should note that Disney purchased the muppet brand in 2004, meaning the F.A.O Schwartz rollout is all just a scheme on the part of the mouse. If you want to protect the kids in your life from sinister corporate influences, it might be better to buy the Moss puppets, which include Yves Saint Laurent, Jesse Helms and Heath Ledger. On second thought, go with the Karl. Kids love that guy.
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