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The Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows: Grotesque or Genius?

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[Images via WallyG's amazing Flickr set]

Since it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, let's turn our attention to the Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows, which have been the source of bloggy controversy for weeks now. Among the anti-fans, Gothamist called the windows "creepy" and New York magazine found them puzzling. But it's Modelizing who seemed most disappointed:

This was just an unexpected fail. After a lot of thinking, I decided why I felt the windows weren't good. They look dated. Something I would have seen 10 years ago from the mannequins to the styling to the over-extravagance but without being extravagant in any way. Does that make sense? There is nothing I want or desire from the windows, no "ah ha!" moment. Lackluster clutter might be the best term to describe it.

It's a harsh assessment, and certainly plenty of window-gazers (Glam Chic and the craftblog Quaint Homemade, for example) wouldn't agree. But it also provides an answer to the question posed by the always-opinionated Shophound, who asked: "Who could resist a window featuring shrubbery made from macaroons? " Apparently, a lot of people.
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