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Kate Moss for Topshop Ends Up at Century 21

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Kate Moss recently signed an agreement with Topshop to continue their collaboration for another three years. Which is interesting, because from what we've seen her clothing isn't selling too well in the US. First, there was all the unwanted Kate Moss for Topshop clothing at February's Barneys Warehouse Sale. Now, NewYorkology reports (via twitter) that Moss' frocks are heavily discounted at Century 21 in the Financial District.

The clothing is now half-off of Century 21's price, which is far, far less than it goes for at Barneys or Opening Ceremony. Come to think of it, perhaps we'll see a lot of Kate Moss for Topshop at OC's big weekend sale. Bonus Century 21 shopping tip from the NewYorkology twitter: "Cent 21 now has proper dressing rooms w curtains. And if u buy anything over 100 bucks u get coupon for 25 pct off any 1 item in Jan."
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Century 21 - Lower Manhattan

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