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Above the Fray: Paris Hilton/Due Farina a Ghost Town

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Today is just not a good day for heiresses. First Russian teen sensation Kira Plastinina announced that she was closing most of her American stores. Then we stopped by Paris Hilton's shoe sale in midtown and found it utterly deserted. The sale, on the fourth floor of 1370 Sixth Avenue, occupies one small room that's lined on three sides with candy-colored, sky-high Hilton heels. Pumps are $40, boots $60, samples $30. Particularly egregious samples, collected in cardboard boxes on the floor, go for $15 each. On the fourth wall are Due Farina shoes and boots, priced from $30 for flats in the "lucky bin" to $150 for boots. And tumbleweeds are blowing past in the wind.
· Due Farina, Paris HIlton [Dealfeed]