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Stylista Watch: Megan Blogs About her Old Greenwich Village Boutique

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[Image via Megabitch Megan]

This is perhaps the best critical assessment of I-want-to-work-at-Elle reality show Stylista ever written. Says Megan, the show's token mean girl: "You were bored watching it?imagine how boring it was being on it."

Megan, who is not exactly known for keeping her mouth shut, had a lot of other things to say on her blog after the season finale aired last night. For us, the most interesting part was about her short-lived store, Addict. On the show, she'd said she opened it because a chunk of money fell into her lap, hinting at trust-fundedness. But on her blog, she writes:

Please, people. If you think I would ever give details about my life to a tv show and how I opened a company you just took a swig of something strong. After the interviewers battered me for answers and told me I was going to look like a rich bitch I just made that up to shut them up. The last time I checked it was considered uncouth to ask other people about money.
You have no idea how offensive it was for someone to ask me on a daily basis about my financials. I opened the store by way of private investors. I wrote a business plan and my business partner and I sold the idea?just like everyone else. I know, it totally blows, I wish I was a trust fund baby too.

Jezebel dug up a bunch of information on Addict, which was profiled in Teen Vogue in early 2007. Megan has since left the store, and her partner has renamed it Owl's Lab. It's still operational at 20 E. 12th Street, selling labels like Vena Cava and Alice + Olivia.

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