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Spotted: The Sartorialist Outside of Bergdorf Goodman

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While fighting our way upstream through the current of tourists and shoppers along Fifth Avenue this evening, we chanced to encounter Scott Schuman, aka The Sartorialist, as he chilled outside of Bergdorf Goodman Men's.

By now we're old hats at the Sartorialist spotting game (thank you, Fashion Week), and so instead of gawking from afar, we decided to say hi. Of course Scott was friendly and obliging, and we chatted about the Bergdorf holiday windows. It is also worth noting that the opposite corner from where we were standing is the regular stomping ground of Bill Cunningham, the NYT Sunday Styles photographer.

Now go sort through your closet for the perfect outfits for the next few days, because who knows where Scott will show up next. For more Sartorialist spotting, hit our revered archives:
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