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Spot Check: Lounge Soho Depressing and Decomposing

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Can Victoria's Secret please just arrive and deliver the coup de grâce to Lounge already? Floundering since mid-October, former retail hot spot Lounge at 593 Broadway has been steadily selling off its stock in preparation for Victoria's New Year takeover of their location.

On a recent visit to the carcass of Lounge, we got an unpleasant whiff of more than the average losing-of-the-lease trouble. In addition to continuing with high prices ($90-$40 racks) for what is essentially the dregs of their stock from lord knows how many seasons ago, Lounge has rented portions of their interior to outside tenants.

Instead of finding shelves of discounted D.L. & Co. candles just inside the Broadway entrance, you will instead meet a street vendor-ish booth doing a brisk business of selling leather bags of vaguely knock-off shapes to tourists attracted by the sale signs outside. Venture further into the store, and midway through women's you encounter an unaffiliated denim sample sale with its own cash register. All the usual culprits are there: Evisu, True Religion, Rock & Republic, and veritable mountains of Ed Hardy.

Our theory is that Lounge has brought in these outside vendors in order to make rent until their lease is officially taken over by Victoria's Secret (we're hearing January or February), but is this legal? One thing is for certain: Lounge is dead and rotting, with these random tenants picking off the bones of Lounge's popularity.
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