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DKNY Fashion Week Bike Lives to Roll Another Day

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Femia, 12/17/2008

Last year, someone at fashion label DKNY had the genius idea of spray painting a bunch of bikes orange and chaining them around town to promote alternative forms of transportation during Fashion Week. Biking advocates thought that the effort was a weird knockoff of ghost bikes, the white cycles locked at sites where bicyclists have been killed. The entire thing was poo poo'd, and that person was probably fired. Anyway, a resourceful New Yorker has given one of the DKNY bikes a second life, freeing it from its neon moorings and riding it around town. Most of the paint has flaked off, and it is towing some sort of speaker contraption on wheels, but it's clearly a DKNY bike. You just wonder what happened to the rest of them.
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