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In the Window: J.Crew Men's Toast to the Holidays

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"Cheers," indeed: J.Crew Men's Tribeca outpost in the former Liquor Store bar is having a properly boozy season. With a mangy little tree and a faux-fireplace they seem to have stolen from the Obama Xmas windows, J.Crew has created a Christmas scene worthy of a gin-happy bachelor from the 1940s.

It's really a shame that they won't be serving Brandy Alexanders alongside the professorly cardigans and preppy ties, because the combination of Christmas lights and fake window fogging really makes it look like the perfect hole for drinking away your (lack of) holiday bonus. In fact, J.Crew Men's should apply for a liquor license stat; $60 cashmere socks look a whole lot better after a hot toddy or two.
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