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Now Open: Yunhong is Chinatown's First All-Chopsticks Boutique

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[Images via the Village Voice]

Such a good idea: Yunhong, at 50 Mott Street, is a new store that sells nothing but chopsticks. (Actually, that's an editorial exaggeration—80% of their stock is chopsticks, but they do also carry mirrors and combs and other little beauty items.) We're usually skeptical of one-item retail because it seems like such an empty gimmick, but chopsticks come in such a variety, and they make such good gifts, that an all-chopsticks store seems genuinely useful. Also, while Yunhong does have other chopsticks shops in China, there's nothing like it anywhere else in Manhattan. Many of the utensils costs around $100, but as Village Voice critic Robert Sietsema found, you can pick up a pair for only $14. Click over to the Voice for more details.