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Above The Fray: W Editor Couldn't Hack the MJ Sale

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[Inside the Marc Jacobs sale; click to expand]

We call foul on W Magazine's executive editor Bridget Foley's tale of "surviving" this weekend's Marc Jacobs megasale. Here's why: lady didn't wait in line to get in. You think breezing past hundreds of people to get into a sample sale is "braving" it? Foley begins her tale of trauma by bemoaning her age; she's not the type to throw elbows any more. But her sister-in-law in Scarsdale wanted some MJ pumps, and so she went—though not without checking in with "her" salesperson Gaby Klapper to see if the sale was worth the trek: '"It's terrific, but come to the front,' she suggested. The front? Turns out, the line was a block-long. Cutting it proved the first of two I'm-going-to-hell experiences of the weekend."

Once inside, Foley encounters "a full-house frenzy of fashion girls (and some boys), all very much my junior, who ferreted furiously through the piles of bags." She's too old! Get it? On creaky knees, she sorts through boxes of shoes to find some for her in-law.

The tale of hardship continues:

By then I'd had it. The whole ordeal proved too hot (no place to dump the coat), too cumbersome (nor the bags from the day's earlier shopping), and too exasperating (young lady, please, that was my foot) to even think of searching for footwear for myself, much less pulling off my boots to try a pair on.

While I knew I should have switched into reporter mode and started interviewing the multitudes about such recession-era buying madness, I opted instead to cut the checkout line as discreetly as possible to pay for the size 10s. Shaking my head solemnly, I told Gaby, "I'm just too old for this."

And end scene.
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