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Be Socially Responsible: Buy More at Buffalo Exchange

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[Photo by Femia, 11/22/2008]

Please, people, for the love of God, if you're taking your old clothing to Buffalo Exchange, accept the in-store credit. That's the message blogger Cheap JAP is trying to promote after an unsatisfying experience at the new East Village wing of the thrift store. Buffalo Exchange will buy your well-preserved used goods in one of two ways: Either they'll give you 30% of what your stuff is worth in cash, or 50% in store credit. Right now, cash is clearly trumping credit, and it's causing an overstock problem. Simply put, Buffalo Exchange is drowning in clothing. Writes CJAP:

Buff Exchange and stores of its ilk have a great thing going, but they can't stay in business if you're too chicken shit to sift through the racks. I watched their staff sort through six other people's bags before mine, and hot damn! are they meticulous: No missing buttons, screwy zippers, pit stains, unintentional tears or funky smells allowed. Everything on those racks is almost-new or close to it. Nothing is going to bite you.
Yes, it's a little more work to find things here than in a fast-fashion chain, but you've got a little more money to spend; that makes it more than a fair trade. Buck up, and buy back from the place that's so generously enabled you to unload some of your castoffs in a fiscally and environmentally responsible way.
If that stern lecture isn't enough of an incentive, then we have eight little words for you: "Navy Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress for $28." Of course, it might be gone by now, but surely it's got siblings.
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