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Rant: Avoid Muji for Christmas Shopping

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It's holiday shopping crunch time, folks. Christmas is ten days away, and Hanukkah begins in less than a week. A warning: Don't forget to check out stores' return policies while x-ing out the last gifts on your list. A rant from a reader on just that subject:

Don't do any of your Christmas shopping at Muji! I just received a gift from someone in the wrong size and just tried to exchange it at the new Chelsea Muji store. Here's what I discovered: (1) They won't do any returns/exchanges without a receipt. Period. No exceptions. No apologies. (Doesn't matter if it's super brand-new with tags and you just want a Small instead of a Medium.) (2) The item I wanted to exchange isn't sold in the Chelsea location, so even if I had a receipt, they'd refuse to help me. They only do returns/exchanges for items purchased at the same location. (This would apply even if they sold the item in the location.)
(3)They don't offer gift receipts, so if you buy a gift for someone at Muji,
you'd have to give your recipient the original receipt. Crass! Surely other Racked readers hate getting stuck with gifts from stores like this!
This could certainly lead to some awkward post-holiday exchanges. Thoughts? Additional horror stories? To the comments, please.
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