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Antique Row in the Village Slowly Empties

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[Chairs waiting outside an antique store on 11th street, via VNY]

Kyner's on Broadway isn't the only Village antique shop that's closing. Around the corner on 11th Street, Antique Row is starting to look anemic. And when stores like Paramount and Big Apple close, the neighborhood will lose some seriously old-school NYC saltiness alongside the mermaid statues. From Vanishing New York's investigation of the closings:

A few months ago I asked one of the shopkeepers, a grizzled man who has long intrigued and intimidated me, what he thought was happening there. My question offended him. "When was the last time you bought?" he asked. I told him I don't buy antiques. He sniffed, indicating that I had my answer. When I inquired further, he barked that I should learn to keep my curiosity to myself.
The guy has a point. Can you mourn the loss of a store where you've never shopped? Is it OK to be sad about the end of Love Saves the Day, for example, if you've never once stopped in there to buy fake poop or a toy Smurf?
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