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Above the Fray: In the Hallowed Halls of Halston

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Where are Lauren Bacall and Elizabeth Taylor when you really need/expect them? Hello Hollywood legends, there is a huge Halston sample sale happening right now in Soho. Despite offering $200-$300 one-of-a-kind shoes in sizes 37-41 and paparazzi-ready gowns upwards of 70% off, the Halston sale also happens to be the most civilized blowout of the last few weeks.

Now brace yourselves for a revelation: you don't have to be a power shopper who is chauffeured down from Greenwich, CT in order to afford these items. Ring the bell and head to their 2nd floor showroom at 96 Spring Street for shoes, bags, belts, suiting, loungewear, $30 bra tops and $200 dresses straight off of the runway and Net-a-Porter.

It is truly a singular sale, especially attractive to anyone who knows the history of Halston and perhaps have been pining to own a piece for years. Should any glamorous actresses be reading this, do check out the sable jackets; a 90% discount brings these babies down from $198,000 to $20,000. Hooah!
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