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Spot Check: Last Night at the DVF Sale

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Rush hour yesterday evening at the Diane von Furstenberg sale at 260 Fifth Avenue was just that: a rush ... on wrap dresses. After a twenty-minute wait in what began as a short line but continued to lengthen, we entered the mecca of this week's sample sales. Although reports say that today brings a whole new slew of stock (usually the same items, just more of them), we can't imagine anything more fitting into the overly jammed racks.

Other dispatches from the front lines include these juicy tidbits: swimsuits and cover-ups have already been reduced in price down to $30 and $40, respectively; the DvF cosmetic bags are being given away as free with purchase; they've sold out of straw beach mats and $20 tank tops; and the $5 lipstick is available only in the orangey Spring 2008 shade of "Volcano."

There is no doubt that they will continue to lower prices, but then of course you risk losing the choicest runway items for $150 or less. If you're willing to go so far as looking up styles, last night we spotted the Keva wrap in neon lights, Pansy in Foulard blue, Engler, Suri, everything in Hutong plaid, Palden in glass grid, Judy wrap in black & white splash, and even the Astentino. Go early, go often and beware the musty heat inside.

Update! From the DvF Twitter: "Prices slashed this morning at the DVF sample sale! Dresses are $75, blouses are $40 and cocktail dresses are $100."
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