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Above the Fray: Alexander Wang Is ON in Tribeca

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Today at 3pm, Alexander Wang's CFDA-award–winning high-grunge jackets, sweaters and spiderweb dresses go on sale in Tribeca. Today at 10am, there's a ostensibly press preview, which is why our correspondent just spent fifteen minutes shivering in the rain outside 386 Broadway. But apparently earlier this morning, at, say, 9am perhaps, there was some sort of extra-special, VIP-only preview, because girls have been streaming out the door with shopping bags since at least 9:30.

The sale's secret: It's already started, and as of now they're not checking for any sort of press identification. In other words, if you want some Wang, you should head over now. The prices begin at $60, go up to $80, then $120, and then continue in increments of $20 up to $240, which is the cost of the infamous baggy shorts. Inside the sale, it's madness: One whole area of the room is dominated by stripping fashion editors, and while there's a lot of merchandise, it's getting picked over fast.

UPDATE from our correspondent: "The stuff is so cute, and atmosphere is so frenzied, that you just want to grab things. I found a cardigan for $80, and five people have asked me if I really want it. It says they're going to be replenishing, but if you don't want to be tempted, don't even come. There are a lot of accessories here, by the way: Skinny belts, gray cashmere hats for $60 to $80, totes, leather backpacks for $475. Some stuff is priced individually—there's a dress with a heather-gray top and zipper for $320, but it's still more than that on ShopBop."
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