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Above the Fray: LeSportsac Sale's Last Day is for Diehards

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It's finally the last day of the epic LeSportsac sale going on since Sunday inside the Metropolitan Pavilion, and although Monday and Tuesday were quiet, the crowds have returned hoping for last-minute bargains on nylon bags.

While rain usually spoils sale lines, the LeSportsac queue is holding fast at an hour-long wait; these people are serious about their lightweight purses. We hung around the queue for a while, and and noted that the focus now seems to be resale. With Christmas or eBay in mind, groups of women emerge from the sale after purchasing 2-3 large bagfuls each of...well, bags. If you were planning to leave work early to hit the last few hours of the sale before they close at 7pm, beware those desperate for discount Stella McCartney; they have their claws out.

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