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Baad Sheep Meets All Your Ugly Sweater Needs

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[Images via Baad Sheep]

We don't know what to make of this site that sells nothing but hideous sweaters. On the one hand, garish knitwear is definitely having a moment. The Cosby look has recently made a resurgence, at least for girls, and now that it's too cold for kickball, hipsters across the nation are throwing ugly sweater parties. On the other hand, it's just so exhaustingly ironic. We're not totally sure we support ugliness for ugliness's sake. But then again, the site gives its sweaters names like "I'm Super High Tide on LSD Beach" and "Ribbed For No One's Pleasure" (both above) and sells them for about $25 a pop, and it's hard to argue with such a brilliantly simple business plan. Thoughts?
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