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Above the Fray: Catherine Malandrino Takes a Big Chunk of Change

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If the LeSportsac line looks daunting and you've got hundreds of dollars burning a hole in your pocket, then may we suggest the Catherine Malandrino sale happening next door at 145 West 18th Street in the Savvy space. Oh wait, that's right, no one has hundreds of dollars to throw around anymore and this explains why the sale is practically empty despite truckloads of discounted fluttery dresses.

Ranging from $85 for shorts to $595 for a Limited Edition cape, the Malandrino sale is made for women with heavy social calendars and equally weighty bank accounts. They probably already have many full-priced Malandrino pieces in their closets, but with the economy as it is, they are open to heading downtown for a bargain. Indeed the few shoppers we saw there fit this description.

The sale lasts through tomorrow, but we highly doubt any further discounting. Check out our photo gallery above for full price lists and a peek at the pricey products.
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