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Tracy Reese Too Expensive?

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A Racked commenter advises against going to the Tracy Reese sale on West 39h Street: "I would not recommend going to this sale if you are deciding how best to spend your time. I went yesterday early evening, and the prices are still very high and they don't have much inventory. I wish I took a picture of the price list, but I do know that Tracy Reese sweaters were around $130 sleeveless and $145 with sleeves, and Plenty sweaters were about $15 less than each of those. The only good things are (1) it is spacious/not crowded/well lit and (2) the samples are priced well (I think $50 each) if you fit into the sample sizes. I didn't look at the samples, but it looked like there were alot and they said they may get more of those today. If you are not interested in the samples, I'd go elsewhere. I tried to suggest that they lower the prices so they'd get more sales, but the salesperson said they are adamant against reducing their prices. We'll see how long that lasts..." [Racked Comments]