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Above the Fray: Lutz & Patmos is Abundant & Affordable

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Dare to trek over to the far reaches of the Meatpacking District and up a service elevator, and you'll be treated to Lutz & Patmos' rich cashmere at prices to make even Gilt Groupe blush. First, know that the prices are affordable for cashmere, so don't bring a twenty and expect to walk out with a sweater. Nonetheless, the discounts easily bring this luxe brand down to Banana Republic price levels, and word is that they are flexible.

If they haven't yet discounted further (they feel your economic pain), check out the cashmere caps and scarves for $25-$30, down from $160-250. Cardigans, dresses, and hand-knit sweaters average $175-$200, down from $450-600. If you are feeling indulgent and have resisted the lure of other sales this week, there's a particularly fetching $250 cape whose regular retail price we shudder to consider.

While this sale is 97% for women, we do concede that men may have luck for themselves in the winter accessories. Also making an appearance in the boxes: L+P's organic cotton collaboration with Barneys, Leroy & Perry.
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