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Above Yet Another Fray: Serious Discounts at Brooklyn Industries

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While we were at Lucky Shops, they played the Pulp song "Common People" twice. Surrounded as we were by $120 tank tops and $300 boots, we wondered if the DJ was trying to make some sort of subversive statement. In any case, if you're looking for deeper discounts, you'll do better at the Brooklyn Industries sample sale currently taking place in the basement of their pop-up store on Broadway between 11th and 12th Streets. Everything we saw there was under $50, and much of it cost less than $19. At those prices, it's perhaps not surprising that some of it was hideous, but we found a cute sweater for $9, and there were plenty of basic, solid sweater-dresses. (Not so much men's stuff, though.)

A word about the setting: The sale is literally in an unfinished basement, with big archways leading off into mysterious side-caverns. Some people will find this thrilling; others will feel like they're trespassing in the kingdom of the mole people. Either way, plan to try stuff on upstairs, because the only mirrors they have available down there are still wrapped in plastic for some reason.
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